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The process set forth by the VA is strict. The evidence is property of the government and you may not receive the test results either in verbal or written form. The information collected is not portable, even to the local VA.

If you received notification in the mail about an appointment scheduled for an exam in our clinic, you’re in the right place!

What to Know

The appointment scheduled is for a hearing test as part of a process to collect evidence for a VA claim for compensation and pension. Even if you are already service connected for your hearing loss and/or tinnitus, this appointment has been made for a specific purpose.

Your VA case has been assigned to a VA vendor, QTC, LHI, or VES which handles the scheduling and processing of your claim. The VA vendors help to expedite your claim through the VA system and ensure the quality of your claim meets the highest standards. This vendor is your point of contact for all questions or concerns about the appointment including scheduling.

You may be traveling a distance for your appointment, possibly up to 100 miles. The location and doctor you are seeing have been credentialed for the procedures required for your exam, which is a specific and rigorous process, that ensures your case is properly handled. Our office has years of experience handling these appointments with high satisfaction.

The correspondence sent to you for this appointment was not generated by our office. If you need to communicate about the appointment, including rescheduling, contact the vendor that sent you. Their phone number is in your packet. We are unable to modify your appointment time.

Both locations are located in an urban area. Plan ahead with a map and directions to our office.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment for check in.

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How to Prepare for Your Appointment

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